Les 2°2 présentent l’assistante d’anglais (2010-2011)

A few days ago Anastascia, our new English assistant arrived in France and came to see us in our class.
She is twenty-four years old and she lives near Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, in the U.S.A. She’s staying for seven months in Morestel.
She has two brothers and used to have a cat, fish and a bearded dragon !
She likes France and French food. Her favourite dessert is « crème brulée ».
She explained to us that in America you can drive a car at 16, buy cigarettes at 18 but drink alcohol only at 21.
She plays the piano and likes listening to music and playing softball, like baseball but for girls. She’s planning to visit Marseille, Bordeaux and Nancy.

Marie, Laura et Robin de 2è2


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